Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Life - It's all about Delayed Gratification

Sooooo, that's just a little embarassing. You all know how old fashioned we are, that we actually believe our PAPER calendars when they tell us it's Daylight Savings. Oh well, just something to look forward to this weekend!
Last weekend wouldn't have been a good one for Daylight Savings anyway. Bonnie woke up several times that night and so my extra hour would have been wasted - just replacing the hour that I was up with her anyway.

However, our clocks were still "off". So it made for an interesting Sabbath morning - more interesting than usual, and that's saying something! Scott came into the room (ran in, more like) at what I thought was 7:15 (and I was still in bed) saying "It's not today - it's really 8:15 and we're supposed to leave for church at 9!" Try to imagine how restful it is getting seven people out of bed, dressed in Sunday clothes, fed, etc. in 45 minutes - not to mention that 5 of them require varying degrees of assistance, ranging from minimal to complete. Good thing we only live about 10 minutes from church and could "fudge" on our departure time a little...

Then, Bonnie got sick on Sunday afternoon, and Seth on Sunday night. So it's been a week of sleep deprivation, let me tell you! I'd forgotten how different it is having a sick BABY and a sick CHILD. Seth is not interested in books or videos, nor does he understand that I have other people to take care of.

BUT - we've made it! Bonnie was only a little "off" for about 24 hrs. and Seth's fever has FINALLY broken (I guess I shouldn't complain - first sickness at 10 months isn't too bad). But suffice it to say, I'm lookin' forward to my extra hour this Saturday night!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's The Most Wonderful Night of the Year!

Anyone else excited about an extra hour of sleep?!? I can't decide which way is better to consider it: "wow, I get to sleep an extra hour in the morning!" or "Alright, it's not REALLY 11:00, it's only 10:00 - I'm getting to bed right on time!" - HA! Oh well, either way, I consider it thrilling and post-worthy. Y'all enjoy, now!

I just hope the kids enjoy it as much as their parents are planning to...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What Scott Did Last Weekend...

YAY! But I never doubted it 8-)!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Those Covenant Kids

Since Scott's gone, I had all the little ones at Kevin's soccer game - and I just have to say, I'm so glad I didn't miss this, even though I was a little - um, preoccupied with many things!

Bonnie and Ellie were picking up acorns from under a big oak by the side of the soccer field. Bonnie brought one to me and handed it to me - "Thanks, honey". Then she asked for it back, and told me "I'm going to dash it to a potter'th vethel!" I just about drowned in the sip of water I'd just taken!

Maybe we need to work a little more on application...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rainy Friday - and other Sundries

The first that we've had in AGES - it was great to see the gray clouds, and have the house still feel dark, even when the lights are on! The kids don't know what to do with themselves, after having been able to play outdoors every day for the past 6 months or so...

Scott's at presbytery this weekend and we had planned to go on a hike with our homeschool group today - however, due to rain (yay!) and the stomach flu in one of the families (ugh) it's been postponed. Made for a little anticlimax among the members of the peanut gallery. But tonight we're heading over to our friends, the Clevelands, for a pizza and a tour of their new home!

Bonnie's birthday was lots of fun (the 15th): breakfast date at Bob Evans with Daddy, corn on the cob, cake, and gifts with family in the evening. The next day we met a few families at the park for play and cake. I think her little 3-year-old self was quite pleased with the little festivities 8-). Here she is, trying to make THREE with her fingers. It's a tricky age - got to hold down your pinky with your thumb, you know!

Maybe next year we'll do the huge inflatable bouncy deal, and a clown who does tricks and facepainting, and a catered cookout...or not.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Potty Humor

Today when Bonnie was sitting on the potty before nap time, she decided to use this moment of having my undivided attention to tell me some...jokes.

Her first one was : "What's your name?" - Mommy
"What color is the sky?" -blue (if you were ever about 6 years old, this is sounding familiar...)
"What is down?" - up (she meant the opposite of down. Still working on her delivery)
"Now put it all together!" - Mommy blue up!

Oh that's a good one! You can tell this girlie has some early elementary aged brothers...

The rest were so diluted by giggles that they made no sense - I'm not sure they would have made sense minus the giggles. But I can stand that kind of potty humor ;-)!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Mom Song Sung to William Tell Overture with Lyrics

This is hilarious - didn't want to be the last mom in blogland to post it 8-)!

Blogger's Block

I haven't been able to come up with anything exciting to post about, so this is just to get my juices flowing and let y'all know we're still alive and kickin'. Last week was Fall Break for our CC group - maybe being on break sucked my brain dry...

We had a great week - still did our school at home, but just a little more laid back, you know? Amazing how cutting one thing out makes things seem more manageable. Instead of going to class on Thursday morning, we went to the library, much to everyone's delight (a whole houseful of nerds, that's what we are). We're all excited to begin again with new zeal this week, however ;-).

Sooo, what's goin' on? Bonnie's 3rd birthday is quickly approaching. We're going to have a little park get-together with some of her friends to play and have cake/ice cream. Scott has his presbytery exam for licensure next weekend. He leaves on Thurs. morning and doesn't return until Sat. evening. YIKES! I'm trying to be prepared for that - we have a fun field trip planned with our home school group that Friday. I'm hoping that will cause the time to fly by 8-)!

Since I haven't been posting, I at least tried to jazz things up by changing my colors around. Anyone notice?