Wednesday, January 16, 2008

* SIGH* Need I say more?

Weeeeelllll folks, we're back! Yes indeedy, after a rip-roaring holiday season, in which blogging not only took the back burner, but more like fell off the stove, our snorkels have been retired until summer, and our noses are emerging! Praise the Lord! Nothing like the extraordinary to make you appreciate the ordinary.

Scott has begun his job NEXT DOOR (at our church) and begins his first series of sermons this Sunday evening. We hit our full school schedule this week - and we're loving our new home! I'll have to post some pictures soon.

OK y'all that's it for now. My blogging skillz feel kinda rusty...More later!

Oh yeah, Seth turned one during our move and had the lamest birthday party ever, but hey, he won't remember! But we did take some cute pics of him digging into his first taste of chocolate - and his gifts!