Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Calling all Book Lovers

OK, OK, I was going to try to post at least once a month (I know, that's really pathetic, but I'm just not a good blogger...) and I'm really overdue. My excuse this time is that I'm expecting (as you can see on my sidebar) and haven't been feeling at the top of my game, to put it mildly. And then, as soon as I began to feel like a natural woman again, we went on vacation. I'm going to post about that once I get my pics downloaded and uploaded and all that jazz.

In the meantime, I have a book to recommend to all you SAHM out there, since it's summer and you have unlimited reading time, right?!? Right. Anyway, it's called Keeping House: The Litany of Everyday Life, by Margaret Kim Peterson. It's a great encouragement and challenge about what keeping house REALLY is, biblically and theologically, as well as practically. I'm lovin' it. Have any of you out there already read/heard of this book?!?

Till later, then.