Thursday, April 17, 2008

Drumroll, please...

Tonight was our final program for our Classical Conversations year. The kids were so excited - they each got up with their classes and recited some of the things that they'd learned this year. The kids all did a great job - not one case of "stage fright"! I think I was more nervous than they were! I had to lead my class in it's recitations 8-)! But...I made it!

It's wonderful and exciting to see my children learn and love learning. As Kevin took his CAT tests this week, it was neat to read through them and just marvel at how much he's learned! Some days are difficult, and it feels like we get so little accomplished...but the Lord is so kind to encourage me - and tonight was a real encouragement! It's a blessing to contribute to the raising of a godly generation, even in a small way.

But that's not how I felt this morning as Seth pulled the SECOND glass of apple juice off of the table and all over himself and the floor. I'm grateful to say that the day ended better than it began ;-)!